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Radio Controlled watches are definitely a highly sought after feature in today’s watch markets due to its auto correctional functionality and easy of use. Once set up correctly (home reference positions etc) then the watch will receive a radio
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Acctim Watches

Authorised retailer for Acctim Watches. Acctim watches are known for combining classic British design with some of the best materials and technology from around the world. Acctim watches use cutting edge watch technology to ensure that their watches are unbelievably accurate. Acctim watches look good and feel great too using some of the top materials as well as fantastic designs that you will be proud to show off.

Acctim Radio Controlled Watches

Acctim watches use radio controlled technology to ensure that you always have access to the correct time. These watches connect to the UK's caesium atomic clock using radio broadcast waves to keep your watch as accurate as possible. This caesium atomic clock is the most accurate clock ever observed and is not expected to deviate by even a second for roughly 138 million years! If anyone ever asks if you have the correct time, you can answer “yes” with confidence when you're wearing an Acctim watch!

Top Quality Materials

Acctim watches are not just about cutting edge timekeeping technology, they are exquisitely designed with a distinctively British look. But even more impressive are the materials used to build these watches. These premium materials are sourced from all around the world. Acctim watches are built using Swiss components, ensuring that you have the best quality movements inside your watch. Acctim also source their leather from Italy, ensuring the most luxurious feel inside leather strap watches such as the Acctim Mens Sterling Radio Controlled Black Leather Watch. The cases and bracelet watches such as the Acctim Mens Sterling Radio Controlled Stainless Steel Mesh Watch are built using stainless steel, giving a robust nature to your timepiece which will allow it to withstand all adverse conditions.

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